Note: These installation steps are only required if you plan on updating the contents of the HUC database. If you’d simply like to use the final Feature Translation Service, skip to the examples here.

Clone the Repository & Install Dependencies

Clone the Feature Translation Service repository from our associated Feature-Translation-Service BitBucket using:

git clone

Navigate to the installation directory:

cd feature-translation-service/

There will be a requirements.txt file in this directory that lists all of the dependencies for this service. Use the following command to install these packages.

pip install -r requirements.txt

For reference, I used the following versions of each package:

  • pandas := 0.24.2

  • geopandas := 0.5.0

  • numpy := 1.16.4

  • shapely := 1.6.4.post2

  • visvalingamwyatt := 0.1.2

  • tqdm := 4.32.2

If necessary, the next step will walk you through both where to find the example SWOT data used in this service and how to download the associated data for the HUC portion from USGS.