Austin Ebel

I am a recent graduate of Columbia University with degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Currently, I work with Professor Debasis Mitra to model the evolution of optimal information security investments and attacker-defender investment strategies within networks using reinforcement learning.

This summer, I will also be working with Professor Mingoo Seok in Columbia's VLSI Lab on topics regarding hardware acceleration for deep learning. Prior to my current research, I interned at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA Langley Research Center.

I plan to apply for PhD programs in Fall 2021 with the hope of continuing research into computer architecture and machine learning.

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Columbia University
Bachelors of Science, Electrical Engineering  /  May 2020  /  GPA 3.85

College of William and Mary
Bachelors of Science, Computer Science  /  May 2020  /  GPA 3.89

Research & Projects

This section details several of the more important projects and research done throughout my undergraduate education and up to this point. Highlighted areas emphasize either a publication or an award. Projects are also color-coded to emphasize their respective fields as follows,

  Computer Science               Mathematics               Hardware

Attacker-Defender Investment Strategies in Cybersecurity
Austin Ebel, Debasis Mitra
Spring 2022 (in progress)
poster / video

The goal of this research is to more accurately model how a firm might approach investing optimally in information security on a larger, more realistic scale, and in response to continuous attacks.

Full Custom 8-Bit Microprocessor Design
Austin Ebel, Javier Corona

We design and layout a fully custom 8-bit microprocessor core in Cadence Virtuoso using IBM's 90nm technology. It supports addition, subtraction, shifting, and storage/retrieval from SRAM. Extensive work went into sizing devices for optimal performance, ensuring the design was DRC and LVS clean, and simulating to verify metrics such as cycle time and power dissipation.

Parallelization of Particle Swarm Optimization
Austin Ebel
$150 (3rd place) - Columbia Masters Design Expo

I aim to reduce the runtime complexity of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) by making use of parallel computing techniques on GPUs. Optimal use of shared memory, block size, and data transfer techniques are investigated.

Machines as Craftsmen: Localized Parameter Setting Optimization for Fused Filament Fabrication 3D Printing
John Gardner, Kevin Hunt, Austin Ebel, Evan Rose, Sean Zylich, Benjamin Jensen, Kristopher Wise, Emilie Siochi, Godfrey Sauti
Advanced Materials Technologies, 2019
project page

This work outlines an end-to-end tool for integrating machine learning into the 3D printing process. It selects locally optimal printing parameters, taking into consideration factors such as part geometry, hardware and material response times, and operator priorities. The resulting prints show increased quality over prints that use only global parameters.

Generalizations of the Mitra-Wang Model of ISP Behavior in the Presence of Managed Service
Austin Ebel

This work set out to understand how varying consumers' willingness to tolerate network delay affects steady-state ISP profits. By doing this, we gain key insights into several critical trade-offs at the heart of net neutrality.

Advanced Wearable Augmented Reality EVA System (AWARES)
Austin Ebel, Asher Goldfinger, Roberto Interiano, Andrew Moshova, Daniel Nissenbaum

We demonstrate the viability of augmented reality applications in future NASA missions by designing a tool using Microsoft's HoloLens to aid astronauts in extravehicular activities.

Additional Projects

This section will more compactly describe some additional projects I've done (or am in the process of doing). These are bit more extracurricular, but still involve some internship and less-important academic work.

Feature Translation Service  
NASA JPL, 2019

  • Developed a cloud-based service to help hydrologists query existing and future NASA datasets.
  • Created an extensive suite of documentation found by clicking this project's link.
Virtual Projection Notepad  
Senior Design, 2020

  • Prototyped a note-taking device that only requires a camera and an IR pen.
  • Cut significantly short due to COVID.
Sensitivity Randomizer  
Extracurricular, 2019-Present

  • Designed an application to increase motor skills in video games through reconsolidation.
  • 12,000+ downloads via GitHub.
Minecraft Graphing Calculator  
Extracurricular, 2015

  • Built a fully-functional graphing calculator within the game Minecraft.
  • Includes components such as carry-lookahead adders, sequential multipliers/dividers, etc.
  • 150,000+ views on YouTube
Pipelined RISC-V Processor & FPGA Labs  
Extracurricular, in progress

  • Working through Berkeley's Intro to Digital Design & Integrated Circuits FPGA labs and final design project.

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